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Pond Sealing & Repair

Pond Sealing & Repair

When starting a new pond or repairing an old leaking pond or feature Living ponds can help to fix and get the feature up and running and looking great.

When Creating a new small or large pond for goldfish or koi we can guide you ref what size to build etc and help you seal it ready for you fish, also we will advise you ref pipe work locations and positioning of equipment which in most cases is so important!

Here at Living ponds we offer 2 ways to seal a concrete pond, The first and most popular is fiberglass which is the best and looks fantastic when finished, the other and cheaper option would be pond paint., as there are lots of pond paints out in the market as we repair a lot these days we stay well clear of all cheap brands and only use - Pond shield Pro. We have been using this product for 5 years with great results so as a alternative to fiberglass if the price is too much Pond shield pro is the next chose.

For Quotes regarding new or repairing old ponds  - please don't hesitate to contact us on 08 6420 4638 or Email - eastvicpark@livingponds.com.au

Pond Sealing & Repair - From Start to Finish