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Zip Pay Payment Option - Buy Now, Pay Later

Zip Pay logoGet a 100% interest-free line of credit with control over your repayments.

Zip Pay is a simple interest-free payment solution provided by Zip Co and accepted by thousands of stores and online vendors across Australia. Zip Pay lets you make purchases now and pay later, without the need for a credit card.

Once you sign up and get approved, you’ll have a line of credit up to $1,000 and a shopping account. Using your account and credit line, you can make purchases which you then pay back in regular instalments.

Features of shopping with Zip Pay

  • 100% interest-free repayments. Zip Pay doesn’t charge any interest on your outstanding balance.
  • Low (and avoidable) fees. The $7.95 monthly fee applies only at the end of the following month from the date of your purchase. To avoid this fee, simply pay your purchase back in full before this date. A late fee of $5 applies if you do not make your minimum repayment within 21 days of the due date.
  • Credit limits. Zip Pay offers three different credit limit tiers: $350, $500 and $1,000. When you apply the algorithm will approve you for one of the limits.
  • Quick and simple sign-up process. Simply visit Zip Pay’s sign-up page and use a valid Facebook or PayPal account to get set up.
  • Instant use. Once you’ve completed the quick sign-up process and are approved, your Zip Pay account is immediately available to you.
  • Available at thousands of stores across Australia. Zip Pay is available at thousands of stores across Australia.
  • Very flexible repayment plans. As long as you meet the minimum required $40 monthly repayment, you can set up repayments as you like. You can choose to pay off your loan weekly, fortnightly, or monthly for any amount you choose.
  • Automatic deductions. You can set up a direct debit to automatically deduct repayments from your bank account or credit card according to the repayment schedule you’ve set up.

You can find out more about Zip Pay at the Zip website - https://zip.co/how-zip-works