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Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Pond Plants - Tropical and Hardy Water Lilies Water lilies are the most popular and most colourful of any aquatic pond plant in your pond or water feature display. These plants can give you months of pleasure during the summer months, and not to forget that they play a important part in the pond eco-system by shading the pond during the hot times of the season and also protects fish from predators.

Hardy and tropical water lilies will become available in August onwards. All water lilies need a large amount of sunlight so be aware when planting these in your pond, also you need to have at least 45cm in depth. all our lilies come in 200mm pots.

We do in season obtain miniature water lilies which come in 130mm pots and are ideal for smaller pond displays We carry a lovely range of tropical and hardy water lilies in season at our retail store - if there is a particular water lilies you would like please just give us a ring and we will try to locate it for you.

INFORMATION - Please be aware we do not supply any plants online - Store pick up only