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Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

At Livingponds we offer a full pond maintenance and cleaning service to the following clients;

  • Residencial
  • Commercial
  • Hotel and Leisure Industry
  • Real estate Management
  • Business Park Management

All our pond maintenance and cleaning services are completely tailored to suit the individual needs of your pond or feature and to ensure it is kept in perfect condition. Why should you keep your pond healthy? Pond maintenance and cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis if possible, although if a pond management plan is in place, full drain and cleaning should only be done once a year.

Over a period of time the build-up of waste from plants, fallen leaves, food, and other organic waste in your pond will form a thick sludge in the bottom of your pond or feature. This sludge is known as silt and can lead to to a build-up of harmful waste, that might begin to release toxic gasses and unwanted odours, which ultimately lead to fish deaths and a dead pond environment.

Water quality is very important for the health of the fish stock and wildlife and water clarify is also essential for your own enjoyment of your pond or water feature. Regular servicing of pond equipment not only keeps your pond or water feature in great condition but it will also prolong the life of your equipment, reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacement parts and we can also instruct you how to maintain your pond regually.

For a quotation on your job please don't hesitate to contact us on 08 6420 4638 or Email - eastvicpark@livingponds.com.au

Cleaning a Pond - From Start to Finish