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Fish Health & Consulting

Fish Health & Consulting

Here at livingponds we deal with alot of questions ref fish health and how to treat them the correct way, we carry a large range of treatments in-store which helps to sort out most of the major diseases you would find these days in Goldfish and koi, Here listed are the main diseases which pop up more than others, if you are concerned please give us a ring or send pics to us by email ref your worries or better still pop into the store and we can discus further.

We do offer a call out service as well.


  • WHITESPOT INFECTION- which looks like fine white spots on the body, fins and tail of the fish (like grains of salt). In severe cases, there may be excessive mucus and depressed fins and tail. Adult parasites breed on the bottom of the pond and release large numbers of "swarmer cells" which swim around looking for fish to infect, also white spot can break out on fish if the quality of water is poor or if you move fish and they become very stressed.
  • FUNGUS INFECTION - which looks like fluffy white cotton wool-like growths on flanks or wherever the skin has been damaged. It can sometimes have a green tinge when algae are also present in the water. Also in koi there is Columnaris disease (cotton mouth) often seen as mouth rot and also around the edges of scales and fins causing the tissue to rot away.
  • BACTERIA INFECTION - which can cause a number of complaints. Your fish may have Ulcers/sores on their body and the tail, mouth and fins may have rotted away.
  • BACTERIA OR VIRAL - which is an internal infection. Physical signs : gasping, an excessive musus build up on skin, clamped fins with red veins, cloudy eyes, raised scales. Gill flukes could also cause some of these symptoms. A Virus infections can lead to many deaths over a short period of time ( few days). Symptom: Hard jelly lumps on skin surface.
  • VIRAL TUMOURS - which look like jelly-like lumps all over body, often looking a bit like fingers.
  • DROPSY INFECTION - The body will appear swollen and scales will appear to stick out so that the fish looks like a pineapple shape. Eyes will become bulging and the fins drooping. Red areas appear at the base of the fins with red veins along fins and the tail.
  • PARASITE INFECTION - which could be Lice, Anchor Worms or Leeches. They are visible protruding parasites or worms that latch on to the body of the fish causing severe stress and damage to skin.
  • GILL FLUKES - which are are very hard to see, unless looked at through a microscope. The main signs of Flukes would be fish flicking, jumping and rubbing against rocks etc. Excessive mucus, drooping fins and tail, sometimes gasping at water inlet, laying at the bottom of the pond , redish veins on fins and tail.