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Automatic Fish Food Dispenser Programable Feeder & Solar

  • Solar operated automatic fish food dispense

  • 1 – 6 feedings per day

  • Length of feeding up to 20 second

  • 120° horizontal spreading range

  • Food can be spread 1 – 3 metres

  • Holds 3 kg of food



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This automatic fish food dispenser feeds your fish in the garden pond reliable and regularly – even if you are not at home. The feeding can be adapted to individual needs. Settings include the amount of times the fish need to be fed, this can be from once up to max. six times per day and also the length of the feeding, which can be set to be up to 20 seconds. The big dispenser can hold up to 6 litres of fish food, ideally the food should have a size between 3 – 10 mm. During the feeding, the food is spread horizontally with an angle of 120º. The range can be altered depending on the pond size from near to medium to far range, allowing the food to be spread 1 – 3 metres. The solar panel on the automatic feeder saves energy. As soon as the lithium battery is charged, the dispenser can work even without any sunlight for up to 3 months without needing to be charged additionally. The automatic fish food dispenser can also be operated with a power supply that should have the following properties: 12 V / 1.66A / DC plug 5.5x21. Please note: The power supply unit is not included in delivery and is not required for operation.
Dimensions 275 x 252 x 420 mm Usage / Information / Features Feedings per day: 1 - 6 Size of fish food: 3 - 10 mm Spreading range: 120° horizontal Volume / Capacity 6 l


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